Does Mummy state let us celebrate 420?

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3 weeks ago
professor Chris Whitty sits on Sage wich is deciding when our lockdown ends
In 2008 he received 40 million dollars from Bill Gates foundation for 'malarial research' when he was in Africa, a year later he was appointed chief scientist advisor to the DFID where the UK funds GAVI (global vaccine alliance.. Bill Gates)
Wich is partnered with the civil society of George Soros and the gates funded WHO
The DFID (UK) helps fund the bill gates world vax agenda for profit.
The DFID will host the global vaccine summit 2020 to promote Bill Gates (eugenics agenda and the GAVI alliance ID2020) imperial college (funded by Bill Gates) is working with GAVI to produce vaccines as well as the modelling
The chair of Sage is Sir Patrick vallace and ex glaxo Smith klyne scientists (vaccines) there is little in the public domain about Sages workings and its changing members of the highest profile comitte that feeds evidence to Sage have expressed their doubts about the severity of the lockdown
Sage has declined to examine their concerns

David Hill
3 weeks ago
Love it Danny!! We all need to stand up for our freedom everyone, don't let the elites win, cv19 is fake!!

We ask a couple of police constables about gathering in Hyde Park on 420 (this Monday April 20th)
If you know of any good online meetings, please leave links in the comments section

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Danny this really cracked me up - only you can talk to police about a subject like this - you are completely fearless.

Great videos you are creating, Danny! 100% upvote for you, mate. Keep upthe good work!