Coffee and Philosophy Ep. 127

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This week the old Copernicus and I get into a pretty wide array of topics that all blend together in that weird philosophical way. We touch on the topic of freedom and discuss whether there is a such thing as too much freedom. This moves into the meaning of autonomy and why freedom doesn't make it okay to impose our autonomy onto others and ultimately the discussion transitions into a chat about the purpose of relationships and why we have them. It was a fun show and hopefully you enjoy. Much love.

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It's been a while, but you and Cope still deliver highly entertaining and thought provoking content; thank you both!

My two cents on the freedom and "bloated sense of self" discussion. The problem with freedom in the modern world is that it is understood as based on individuality. Freedom is so much easier understood when viewed as a function of society, as a resultant from the community you're part of. There is no such thing as doing or saying whatever you want, whenever you want and to whoever you want. Whatever freedom you have, is ALWAYS the freedom that society grants you, no more and no less. We understand that's how it works on small scales, like within families or tribes, but when society grows outside of the boundaries where we can know everyone personally, governing and rules are mandatory, and it's that "mandatory" part which goes against the grain when society places the individual instead of society itself at the center of all things. Anarchism can work, but only if and when we place society, the source of all our freedoms, at the center of all things. Right now we live the opposite; we've had decades of elevating the individual, creating persons like that lady who thinks it's okay to take all the coffee-creamers she wants...

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At current, I definitely don't think society at large could even begin to comprehend anarchy because it's still being spoon-fed beliefs from the mainstream media that is controlled by the actual opposition of peaceful coexistence that respects autonomy and consent. It's going to be a difficult and long road to ever mainstream an ideology like anarchy when we have presidents calling the shit going on today anarchy and people eating it up.