I Am Alive Day-51. We have to fight with illness, not sick.

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Hi everyone!

I Am here with another #IAmAliveChallenge video.
Hope life has been going good for you
The migrant laborers returning from outside is somewhere our family, a part of our society. Therefore, our moral responsibility is that to cooperate in odd situation. Increase their dare. Because we have to fight the disease, not that sick. Our little cooperation will be enough to increase their mental and physical power. If anybody can help us fight the corona epidemic, then it is our resistive capacity. It will only develop when we are constantly strong and will be strong. Therefore, those who are infected people, with the sympathy with them, take care of them and help them as much as possible.

stay safe and happy
Have a nice time..

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Congrats for the day of 51!
Yes, I agree with you, but we need to be more careful, because without awareness it is not possible to win this battle.

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Hi brother Hafiz!
Thank you for your valuable feedback. I agree with your feedback. this time we have to more active to keep our self safe. Day by Day positive cases are increasing due to migrating people from other state.
Thank you stopping by. stay safe and happy

Yes, brother same problem here though our police department strictly trying to controlling this issue.


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I share your words dear friend @certain, in situations like these we must be more human and have empathy with our peers.
stay safe
I wish you a great night

Hi dear friend @jlufer
Thank you for your valuable feedback. Yeah, this time situation is not good but we have to patience and face the situation bravely.
Thank you for stopping by.
Stay safe and happy..


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Very good a post.

Thank you mate..🙏🙏


#IAmAliveChallenge engagement reward

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