Which life do you like most cities or village? my response to AlokKumar121

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*Hi everyone"
This video is response to Mr @alokkumar121 myn native friend, in which he asked a question which life do you like most village or cities.?

As far as I understand, whether it is a city or a village, both have their own importance. In some things the city is better, in some things the village is better. If we talk about artificial things, then the city is definitely ahead. But when we talk about natural things, the village looks better here. As far as I understand the city is dependent on the village for some things, then the village is dependent on the city for some things. In fact both are the complement each other.

stay safe and happy

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Ooh great question!I will also try to give its answer.

You are most welcome.
Feeling good that you are also contributing through your video vlog.
Mast raho vyast raho.

Yes I upload video sometimes.

There is no denying that it is important for everyone to have a position, but as individuals, we have something to like about ourselves, from that point of view I always love the village life. Well said brother.

Sorry brother Hafiz late reply.
Actually this time I am completing some departs related service book and Udise Deta. So I Therefore, I fail to very active other than post.
In one or two days I will complete all my work.
After that I will be more active with my engagement on my friends post.
You are absolutely right village life seems very beautiful. We can feel it very closely. I have spent my childhood here but due to my job I mostly live outside my village.
Anyway thank you very much are your continuous valuable feedback..
Have a safe life..

May your work be done beautifully and smoothly.