I Am Alive challenge- update 20 may Day-53 striving for existence

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Hi everyone!

I am here with another #Iamalivechallenge video .. Hope you will be fine and keeping yourself safe.

It would not be wrong to say that the country is not troubled by challenges but by irresponsible idiot!. Today a person from who recently came from Rajasthan met me walking outside the quarantine room. I said you should not get out until you have completed 21 days. Then he said that it is all a rumor. I don't have a problem i'm fine . I did not think it appropriate to explain before this and understood that the country is really troubled by these foolish one. In fact, such a person is a curse for the society, which will die itself and create trouble for others.

stay safe and happy

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Our existence is in the midst of our efforts, our actions, so long as our existence is right,
As long as we stay aware.
So keep your activities with more awareness, congrats for the day 53!

Yeah! You are right brother..
Avoidance and awareness that is much helping to keep safe our existence. You can't believe, mostly here people are not using mask and social distancing.What will be more unfortunate that people are still not understanding the situation.
Anyway we have to keep our task to keep our self safe..
Thank you for your valuable feedback..

Not just for the present context, but for all time we should take care of our own safety. Thanks for understanding.


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