I Am Alive challenge.Day-58 No one can ignore the truth.. update 26 may 2020..

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Hi beautiful world

Wishing you very lovely week

We cannot deny that we will have to get used to living with this epidemic in the coming times. Yes, it is a different matter that we have to take full care from our side.
One thing is absolutely understood that by wishing someone, the year does not go well. Yes, you do get some encouragement.
No one knows when nature will end its havoc. Right now everyone is struggling with corona. On the other hand, cyclones have created havoc in eastern and southern India. Apart from this, locusts have made their habitat in some states.
Anyway, this is not the time to lose courage but to face them.

stay safe and happy

Thank you for your time..

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You are very right dear friend @certain

It is to give us the idea that this confinement can last a long time and be responsible in taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, if we all do the same. we will not keep safe.

Apparently nature attacks man, bad weather and pests that affect food crops.

As you say, it is not a time for cowardice, now is the time to be stronger than ever.

Take care dear friend

I am fully agree with your point of view my dear friend @jlufer..
Sometimes we have to make compromise this situation. We have to make extra effort to carry on our life.it's never be an easy task because behind it there is badly needed lots of devotion and sacrifice.
Wishing you very lovely week..

No one can avoid the truth, because it is the eternal truth, it cannot be covered. Those who try, rather they fall into danger.
Congrats for the day 58, stay safe brother!

Hi dear brother Hafiz!
I appreciate your keen understanding about the whole matters. Yes We cannot ignore the truth because one day it has to be confronted.It is better to do something that we do not have to regret later. Thank you for your valuable feedback.
Wishing you very lonely time.

Thanks brother, stay safe!