I Am Alive Day-47.Have you ever laughed heartly during the lockdown period?

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Hi everyone!

I am here again with my #IAmAliveChallenge video..
Laughing openly is a sign of good health and we can laugh openly only when we are mentally stress free. Circumstances have come such that the person laughs but the smile that should be on the face is not visible. There is a reason behind this that the person is living a life of fear somewhere. Today, I comforted my heart that victory is ahead of fear. I tried to keep myself happy by watching cartoon channels like Tom Jerry, Donald & Duck. Apart from this, read some fun jokes as well. I think that was not enough because the feeling was coming from inside, there was some fear in it. Are you living a similar life? If yes, try to change yourself. Otherwise this life of fear will take away your happiness forever.
Wishing you very lovely Thursday
stay safe and happy

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Day 47 great done brother!
Keep your action with more awareness, we are all alive now with the challenge.

Thank you brother Hafiz for your valuable feedback.. I think lockdown also extended in your country perhaps till the end of this month.. I am happy that my all friends are alive and contributing through their post. stay safe and happy..


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Keep smiling that always makes the day better and brighter. For me, the #iamalivechallenge helps keep a smile on my face.

You are absolute right dear friend.
And thank you for your positive mindset. Every person is in search of happiness. I am happy that I am the part of this wonderful initiative.


#IAmAliveChallenge engagement reward

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Have a nice Friday.. stay safe and happy..