I Am Alive Day-49. Everyone is helpless in front of time..

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Hi everyone!

Wishing you a very lovely weekend

Everyone is helpless in front of time. I wonder how much patience and courage is there in people who are getting ready to walk a distance of fifteen hundred kilometers by pedestrian. Just yesterday, 24 migrant laborers died in an accident near Auraiya district. Many workers have also been injured. It hurts to think. It is the moral responsibility of those living in their homes to at least keep themselves imprisoned in their homes. Do not go out unless there is some very important work. Certainly this will also be a major contribution to the nation's interest. In this vlog I have tried to share the daily struggle.

stay safe and happy
Thank you for your valuable time..

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The truth is we are all helpless in time, we are prisoners in time, time affects our life tremendously.
Keep your activities with the challenge, we are all alive!

Thank you brother for your continuous encouraging feedback. Situation going more worse due to migrant of labourers. Here is in my region 6 people got positive within 2 days.
Anyway we have to struggle everyday to keep ourselves alive.

Yes, brother same condition here, every day increasing the effected numbers. We are just trying our best for keeping alive.


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