I Am Alive Day-54 need to keep mental and economic balance in the situation of ups& down

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Hi everyone!

I am here with another #iamalivechallenge video. Hope life has been going good for you

Ups and downs are a part of our lives that we cannot ignore. In the event of this lockdown, almost all the person's sources of income are closed. We cannot focus our attention on the things which are not under our control. But we can definitely focus our attention on the things which are under our control. In this delicate situation, we have to maintain our mental and economic balance. The coming time is going to be even more difficult. Therefore, we should go for the more important things in life, otherwise we should avoid extravagance.

stay safe and happy

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You are very right dear friend @certain
In difficult times we must become more stewards of time and resources and set priorities. Excelent topic
I wish you a beautiful night


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Well said brother,
Not only in difficult situations, but in every aspect of life, it is important to maintain some balance in our mental and financial situation, otherwise it can have a detrimental effect in the future.
Congrats for the Day-54, we are all alive now!


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