My AMA [request] An initiative based on questioning and answering by Mr. Dan

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Hi everyone!
I am here with my AMA request a wonderful initiative based on questioning and answering started by @theycallmedan
I would like to call my two most active friend @jlufer and
to response my AMA request..
In this post I am asking only one question from two my fellow Hiveans.

what will be your reaction when you join your office first day after the end of lockdown?
Certainly, when we arrive at the office after so many days, the circumstances will not be favorable. Getting into the routine again will not be an easy task. Apart from this, spider webs must have been installed in the office, dust would have settled on the files, what would be the reactions of the supporting staff. There will be a completely new atmosphere in a way. So what would be your response?

Hope everyone enjoying this initiative..

stay safe and happy

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Hello dear friend @certain I love this initiative.

It is a good way to enhance communication between people and strengthen the bond. a genius idea from our friend @theycallmedan

Thank you very much for this request, soon you will have my answer
I wish you a great week.

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