Have you some messages for the Hiveans, on the occasion of Eid? My AMA request..

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Hi everyone!

I am here again with my AMA request. Today's question goes for my Hive friend @hafizullah..
Actually there are social reasons behind celebrating any festival. Some social messages are there behind these festivals. Which we have to observe by celebrating the festival. Today Eid is being celebrated in various countries. Today's question in this AMA request is related to the festival itself.

Q-Have you some messages for the Hiveans, on the occasion of Eid?

No doubt this is wonderful initiative based on questioning and answering by Mr Dan.
Waiting for moment to get response..
stay safe and happy

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Thanks friend for tagging me, I will back within short of time with my response.

Hello dear friend @certain that is an excellent question, many people in the world are celebrating and without a doubt our friend @hafizullah will give us very good comments about this beautiful fietas who lives in his country.

I wish you a great week

Thanks brother, I will try to share my response on the mention question.
Stay safe!