I Am Alive Day-48. four sensitive cases received one by one in my region

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Hi everyone!

I am here again with #IAmAliveChallenge video..

Till now the conditions were normal in my district. But today, the situation has become miserable due to four successive cases being received one after the other. There is also negligence of local governance somewhere behind this. Because till now the migrant laborers who used to come from outside were kept outside the village at quarantine center, but now they are being started home quarantine. If the person is found positive in the home quarantine, then it is very difficult to treat and identify all the people around the whole family. But the person is particularly affected by being placed at the quarantine center, which can be better treated and identified. Whatever the coming time is going to be very difficult.

stay safe and happy

Thank you for your valuable time

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You are really doing good with the challenge, I am still trying and alive!


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