My response to the question of @alokkumar121 , #CommunityAMA initiative

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#Hi everyone!
Before answering the question, I would like to say thank you Mr Dan for wonderful initiative and my friend @alokkumar121 for AMA request.

Question- what motivate you to work daily on HIVE and what's your expectation from Hive blockchain in long term investment?
first I would like to say there is no alternative of hard work so I work hard here.
To be honest there is various reason to work hard daily here in Hive blockchain. This is one of the best decentralized social media platform where we can multiply our investment and can get reasonable Reward for our hard work. Even we can share our ideas and thought without any restrictions. There is so many other reason that I work hard daily here and what is my expectation from Hive blockchain, I briefly described it in my video..
please watch full video..

Here is the link of questioning-

Thank you for your valuable time
stay safe and happy

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Thank you so much dear for the reply. Its great.