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RE: Venezuela To Trial "Decentralized" Stock Exchange On Ethereum

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The tyranny of the United States hahaha you don't know what you are saying.

Maduro is a dictator, murderer, thief who has destroyed Venezuela.

Why do you say that it is a fight for freedom? I don't understand that.

You have to live in Venezuela to realize what is happening and everything that the government is planning is useless and it destroys everything


But i agree it sounds stupid to say tyranny of the united states lol hes so spoiled

But we need spoiled anarchocapitalists to stay ine step ahead of the IRS cat and mouse game... theyre like white hack penetration g

the socialist system is bullshit and Biden wants that for America and if you Americans let that happen... your country would be finished

They are both tyranny. USA is just a lot nicer than venezuela but theyre both EXACTLY the same , both have men with guns who harras you of you dont pay their taxes

impossible! you can't compare both countries. Politics sucks, I hate it!

But Venezuela is a horrible narco tyranny, the country is a disaster because of Chavez

Yes he is. That does not mean absolve the United States of its tyrannical actions towards other countries around the world.

As for Venezuela, what has the United States does but help to kill what was left of the economy there and starve people through sanctions. Do you really think sanctions hit the government leaders and not the population of the countries it is imposed upon?

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I know perfectly well that the sanctions affect the people, but it is a measure of pressure to try to get this regime out, because otherwise they will continue to steal and squeeze the money out of the country into their foreign dollar accounts, so if sanctions are applied to them they have no options but to just take money from the drug trade and that is something that the DEA must be trying to do in order to put an end to this issue.

If the U.S. does not apply sanctions, the government will steal more and with the sanctions imposed, they are being stifled and do not know what to do, and this is being demonstrated day by day, and I say this with total responsibility because I live in Venezuela.

I understand perfectly that Trump is not a saint or the best person in the world, but at least he is doing something to try to end this government, something that no other country does and not even the opposition in Venezuela, which is a piece of shit, what he is doing is making deals with the government to hold on to power more.

I return and repeat, I say all this with total authority and responsibility because I see what is happening day by day in Venezuela and if you allow a democrat disguised as a communist and socialist like BIDEN to win the elections, the USA will go to hell? Don't be stupid and don't be fooled. The United States is a great country, the best in the world.