Why you should never send your children to public school...

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Seems kinda relevant right now...and I went to public school from kindergarten through university.

I actually intended to release this a few weeks ago for "back to school," but editing took longer than I expected. :D

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Yes, a lot of editing (time and patience) goes into making a video like this. Good job!
I won't be exposing my child to the government school system here in Canada.

So many fantastic points here love it! How else are they going to pay off all that debt we keep racking up without a new generation of ignorant Human capital ready to do their bidding and working to creates real productivity that will be stolen through tax and other means to pay for the pleasures and mistakes of a select few

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Are private schools affordable..?? Public schools in India are changing to become better than private ones because of high level of parental engagement and aspiration. Rough seas make tough sailors..!!