How I became a "right-wing" extremist...

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Tale as old as time. Watch the whole video before commenting / down-voting please :)

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If you support liberty, freedom and capitalism, that makes you a right-wing extremist.... apparently.

Let me guess, January 6.

Sadly we still place badges, emblems and tribes above rational thought and common sense, democracy was always there to keep the mob happy while they top pillage off the productivity of the mob! The word democracy feels good, and that's all it is, a feeling when none of us are really practising it from top to bottom..

I honestly don't even see how we break this cycle, I see so many unwilling to listen or learn and I guess that's how empires eventually fall with everyone willingly walking off the cliff together

 2 months ago 

The model is limited. Love it.


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Great video and nice to have you posting again on Hive @careywedler!

The Anti-media is a great website and really encouraging to see that it's still going strong even though it has faced significant censorship in the last few years and attempts to silence dissenting voices.

The two-party illusion and how it's used to divide us and make us fight one another instead of our increasingly authoritarian and corrupt power structures is something we need to break-free from immediately.

Great video, looking forward to the next one!