The Deep State Exposed Soon. **Connected Dots**

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Is there really a deep state? Of course there is, and it's all going to be exposed very soon. U.S. Attorney General William Barr will be bringing bombshell evidence that will indict many and change America Forever.

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Respect for your true and unmoderated words man!
Sad reality is that even when Trump is re-elected the Left will just keep going even harder. At that point when they accept they didn't take back position of power they will do some dark things.

KAMALA even paused herself when she was giving her speech and said something like "that is not who we are.. but we will do whatever it takes to remove Donald" In her mind she knows what they've dome and what they are willing to do. Power is a sickness. Like a junky in withdrawal. The LEFT needs their fix.

It's not just in USA either. In Australia the majority of media are so bias that they can't even do their job. When anyone slips is a possible WIN for Trump like the fact that these riots are making his message of LAW and ORDER get received positively by majority... they try to downplay it. Then someone points out that the polls shouldn't be celebrated because that was the same crap that mean't nothing in 2016, they respond with "well now we seen him as actual President".. then someone points out that ACTUALLY, he was a great president until Covid... then it's "oh but he lies so much on Twitter".

It's laughable really if it wasn't a clear coordinated plot to remove him.
Anyway you speak like an honest American. That last hypothetical point about you as if you were that 17 year old speaking to your dad was perfect. PRotect your community is the essence of civility. Those rats out there rioting have no morality. What a change society has undergone. Stay safe!

Thanks for checking out my video man...and thank you for taking the time to write this reply and your opinions about my thoughts. People do NOT have to agree with me on my blog to get upvotes. Discussion is what is most important this world.

I'm pretty sure of it too, all we see is the political theatre, someone pulling the strings of these puppets thinking they making decisions when really they're not. It's like having an ant farm and just turning it upside down every now and then to fuck with the rest of us

Great video my brother 👊

Thanks for watching!

You welcome sir. I just came back to Hive after being wandering around looking for white collar Job 😫😩. Love your profile and videos. I already found you and followed you too.

You would LOVE this video, seems long but you’ll get into it.

I have seen a lot of this video but i'll prob watch again. You can never stop learning about this.

BRO, get a load of this vid!

Trump knows whats up, he's fighting them

This is a great speech! Thanks for posting. I remember when he made this speech.

Oh he knows for sure! Go long popcorn, this movie is gonna get good.

Oh yaa, it's a good one! Here's another good one,