Gold/Silver...It's NOT to late!!

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Think you have missed out on the gold and silver bull run? Well you haven't because it's just getting started. There is huge profit to be made in the next two years and maybe even the next two weeks. Don't let governments who devalue your Fiat Currency continue to steal all your wealth, preserve your hard work with a small stack of precious metals.

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Mr Nutz! Been a while since I've written or even floated around the Hive Chain. I've just been so distracted trading the markets. I was fortunate enough to side step most of the crash back in March, then picked up GDXJ at around 23, and USLV, and UGL, with silver just under 12. Like hit it on the nose, unreal. Road that shit all the way up and got out just before gold broke 2000 and silver around 24. I had to flip over to AGQ (double leverage silver) from USLV (tripple leverage) as Credit Swiss discontinued it, as they knew they were going to have to pay out huge. I just went short leverage JDST (miners) and GLL (gold) and ZSL (silver) yesterday. So far so good. This thing went so parabolic it wasn't even funny. My call is a several week pullback, maybe 1800 give or take on gold, maybe 22 silver, maybe 50 GDXJ. Then are off to the races. I'm thinking we bottom first week of September or something. Also lines up pretty well with the seasonal charts. Fundamentally, agree with you.....obviously, but nothing goes straight up and keeps going straight up. I'm actually long the dollar here UUP as that is what seems to be driving everything during this move. Stocks look due for a correction soon too. What do you think?

Hope you are well my friend.

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Hey! I have no idea whats gonna happen from here, i could see silver gap up to 35 really quick before a correction and gold to 2200. I got a feeling stocks wont correct and we may blast off to 100k dow. Things are so upside down its hard to know what is the truth and what the plan is. I just continue to stack, picked up 40 more oz of silver this week.

Nice Cuz! Always enjoy your insight. I've got my long term holdings, then I've been a trader (on and off) for about 15 years now. Get some gold mining stocks on a good pullback. Easy way to do it is GDX or can see easily 3 to 10 times your investment on this bull run. Also for silver mining there is SIL. Good luck brother!

Been sitting on silver bought back in 08 and 09 for far too long. Finally up a decent amount on em but something tells me this rally may peak higher than the $40 we peaked at the last time considering that the stimulus money is actually going out into the broader economy this time instead of just sitting on the bank's balance sheets.

seems like the ride has just started the pandemic chaos all around created an opportunity but many think opposite to that and now those who took the risk enjoying the new trend

I would rather put it into crypto. It's not too late for the Alts. BTC, is a little high for me now, and I have no love for the coin.