China Virus "Wave2" Is So Powerful & Deadly It Can Be Seen With The Naked Eye.

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I mean just listen to the news.....they say this round is gonna be EXTRA deadly.

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As funny as this might sound I get your point. I watched hours of David Icke at London Real, doctor Buthar and others talking on the topic and it's clear it's a bullshit. I am still amazed though on how easily people can be fooled en mass by those phonies using the damn media. This is by far the biggest mass manipulation I've witnessed in my entire life. I live in Romania, a shitty small country in Eastern Europe and I'm amazed on what level this pandemic was enforced. The financial crisis that will follow will for sure be a hard one.

I've seen herpes, HIV, HPV, etc with the naked eye before myself.... it was happy hour at a bar in Daytona... A lot of diseases are clearly visible down in the subtropics. Why hell... they'll even ask you to buy them a drink. lol. Get where your you're coming from in the video.

Great stuff brother! They sure are trying to sell this wave 2 story HARD! They're hoping everyone forgets about Event 201, Neil Ferguson (the man who sold the lockdowns), Bill Gates (the man who funded the studies, and the vaccines, and the media, and the contact tracing, and the WHO, and...), and all the other BS that's been coming to light, in some new round of fear. I think it's going to backfire hard this time.


Wearing of masks should be mandatory and enforced so that nobody will not be able to spread Corona germs via their flying spit @broncnutz
Stay safe :D

the full retard in this comment is strong:

  • there are no corona germs.
  • masks wouldn't help spread germs.
  • nothing should ever be medically mandatory, unless you're dr. mengele, is that you?


i was expecting a photo of corona virus sitting on a trash can or something like that. i am disappointed