Supreme Court Rollover **Conservatives Winning**

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RBG has passed away and now it's time for Trump to do what he was not only elected to do but, morally obligated to the people of the country to do.

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Dude thank you so much for downvoting that idiot Pakman

and i dont downvote ANYONE really since i been here. I don't mind your own channel, thoughts, and even if you hate Trump. I am not gonna let David get away with bold face lies, half truths and democrat double standards. We hated Obitch just as much as they don't like Trump. We are winning big right now and the left has resorted to guys like David to drum up lies to try and win back power. I'm glad Biden is a MoMo, I'm elated RGB is dead and my life is so much better watching soy milk drinking beta cucks like David whine everyday of this life. Good! They deserve it.

Honestly yeah I agree with all of that, Pakman is is next level cringey man. There is nothing reasonable or logical about what he says most of the time. I thought these people were supposed to be 'openminded' LOL yeah right.

Historical times indeed. Interested to see how this one plays out

@broncnutz You are really a responsible citizen of your country! Very nicely represent your view 👍😊👏👏👏

I always enjoy your political vids. Of course if this had happened when the Dems were in control, they would take full advantage. It is just political hardball. I say Trump is right. We should give no quarter and expect none.

BTW many thanks for your support today.

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