Is it too late to invest?

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You wake up one morning only to discover that when others were investing and making moves in the crypto world you were busy procrastinating and giving reasons why you "can't". You tell yourself, maybe a little more time I would bitcoin or ETH and learn to trade or make exchanges. That was years you realise that it is now triple of the price you ignored it for.

What do you do?

I wish I had made different choices a few years ago....I may not be so rich now but the story would be different.

Is it too late though? Is it too late to invest and plan? Hive....Bitcoin....ETH?

Watch video to listen to my rant , you could be the judge.

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Hehe nice to finally see you on Leofinance!!!!!!

The best time to do something you wanted to do was yesterday, the next best time is it doesn't matter, as long as you've started

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What to do? 😃🤪

Happy New Year 2021 to you Bliss , please enjoy some...

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Awwnn thank you friendy!😋

My pleasure Bliss, "Wine" is a brand new project that I am involved in. Keep it "staked" in your Hive Engine. Very soon it will have some value 🤑

Oh that's great. Thanks to you I'd own a big amount enough to start a wine company when it hit a higher value lol...😁 Thanks dear. 😘

Not sure about that, but we can all DREAM 😘
Have a nice day Bliss... 😀 Just Up-v0ted you on Blurt √

Sure we can hehehe....Thank you! 😁

I do not think so, still you can do something good. Let's start new Journey with the hope of New Year.
Best of Luck dear.

I agree with you also...I hope we all have a good year. Cheers to the new year! 🤗

Hopefully dear, Cheers!