Hive Gone! || Hive Deposit Mistake

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Hi guys,

Mistakes are inevitable, sometimes no matter how careful we are they just pop up anyway.

But what if the mistake is due to your own carelessness?

In this video, I shared my experience on a mistake I made while trying to deposit Hive to another wallet. My carelessness or not, my hive is gone!

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Hopefully, the person that owns the account sends it back and there is no major loss. Done it a time or two myself and thankfully, was recovered 🤗

Oh no! Hopefully it all gets resolved. Hopefully! That kinda sucks.

Yeah...It does, although not sure I would be getting it back anytime soon.

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Sorry about that.
I really hope that you will be able to recover your hive in one way or the another.

But, saying that other people have been sending some hive to that wallet means that the person's account needs to be double checked. It may or may not be a coincidence that others have also made deposit to the same account but just try to keep tab on the person in case the account becomes active Again.

GoodLuck Dear

Really sorry to hear this. Hope it gets fixed.

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