I Am Alive Day #15 | Gardening and Landscaping

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Good day friends and to all Hivers out there hoping all is well.

It's my Day #15 on participating of I Am Alive Challenge by @flaxz yhrough @threespeak.

Today guys i am happy that i am still Alive healthy and strong, since today is Tuesday and it's my work day. I do some gardening activities, I split some of our plants here who are being crowded due to sprouting more leaves so to be able to get the plants more ingredients and free space that they are needed i choose to split them and Re-landscaped the area for them to bloom thier leaves well.

It is not my duty to plant and landscape but because my Korean boss gave all the permission here at the campus specially on watering plants i just decicded to landscape the area and split some of those growing plants to multiply them and transfer to the other available areas here.

Wishing you guys a wonderful day, stay in good health, stay safe, stay at home and God Bless!

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Gardening is food for the soul :)

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Thank you brother😍😍


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