I Am Alive Day 08 | Being a Front Liners at Covid-19

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Good day Hivers hope all is well.

It is my day 08 on participating I Am Alive Challenge made by @flaxz through @threespeak

Being one of the front liners here in our city at Philippines is not an easy, you know! I've meet a lot and different kinds of people to send relief goods who are being Quarantined due to covid-19 sometime i feel worried about my self and i feel not comfortable.

But because i love this job in way of helping my fellow country man i need to do this just to help them who are realy now needed some help, and i thank God the Creator who is in Heaven above for always keeping me safe all the time and for giving strength and courage to serve my fellow country men.

Wishing you all a wonderful day, stay safe,stay in good health, stay at home and God Bless!

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You're doing a great job helping others in this crisis. Keep up the good work!

By the way, is it possible to increase the sound of the video a little more?
Amazing video!

I can't edit the audio bro..next time i will adjust..

Thanks for the info..😘😘


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