I am alive Day 20 | Happy Sunday😍 sorry late upload my data curropt.

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Good day friends and to all of my fellow Hivers out there, hoping all is well.

Tody is my day 20 on participating I Am alive Challenge by @flaxz through @threespeak

Happy Sunday everyone, since today is Sunday!

I went to Church and spending almost my entire day at Church. After our general services end young People of the Church do some practices to our upcoming Youth Day, it's supposed to be Youth Month for the entire month of may but it was postponed due to covid-19 pandemic so we just transfer it to June and make it one day thats why it's Youth Day.

I supposed to upload a video of our practices but my data curropt due to high mega bites of the video so i will be uploading it tomorrow together with my I Am Alive Challenge day #21 tomorrow because we had strong wifi at the campus😁😁

Wishing you guys a wonderful day stay in good health, stay safe, stay at home and God Bless!

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So it is understood that, Today you were very busy all day. I like busyness, be careful anyway.
And Congrats for the day of 20, and EID MUBARAK from Bangladesh.

Thank bro, EID MUBARAK greetings from Philippines

Thank you so much, stay safe!

Hello dear friend, good afternoon.

How well you take advantage of your Sunday day, you invest it in a good cause, congratulations, you hardly even hear the young people approaching the church.

They will undoubtedly have a great youth day in June.

I wish you a great week

Yes brother, spending time at Church is such a blessings..

Thank you so much bro!