I Am Alive Day 14 | Finaly i was settled with my Girlfriend's Family

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Good day friends and to all Hivers out there hope all is well.

Today is my day #14 of participating I Am Alive Challenge by @flaxz through @threespeak

And a good news also to all of my fellow Hivers out there, After a almost 11 years being in relationship with my Girlfriend @chingpherd finally this coming May we will be finalizing the date of the wedding as i personally wanted to take her hands together with Her Family and my Family.

Finally after 11 years being together with happiness, tears,struggled, and trials comes to our relationship we are now slowly stepping up to the another level of a relationship and aoon to be husband and wife.😍😍

Wishing you al guys in good health, stay safe, stay at home and God Bless!

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Excellent decision dear friend @ well, congratulations.
Have a beautiful night

Thank you so much to your support bro, appreciated you so much

Have a Blessed day ahead


#IAmAliveChallenge engagement reward

you are very kind dear friend @flaxz when evaluating our comments
I wish you a great day


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