Have you ever tried recording yourself on camera?

in Threespeaklast year

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That's my first experience recording myself on camera. And oh boy it's scary :) But that's why we have to do it.

So please accept the challenge. If you never tried vlogging do it and post it on 3speak :)

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Yes it is scary at first, but over time you get used to it. I'm still a bit uncomfortable recording myself out in public, not so much in large groups but rather when there's only a few people around.

Indeed, but you get used to that either given practice and time you put into it :)

Yup, this is definitely scary. Used to have a hard time vlogging back then on my YouTube channel.

I guess one just has to get used to it :)

Precisely, there's no escaping it. Lol

Hahahahahahahaha!!!! This is funny. I'd love to try. But 3speak won't work for me

Why is that?

ahhaaha I think it was a great experiment!
you are successful in this job. I can never do that. my english is never enough.

Mine either :) And you'd be surprised how much people love the accent. There are so many successful YT channels with broken English, just because their content is entertaining or educational :) But i know what you are saying, this language barrier is quite hard to overcome, but once you do there is certain feeling of liberation. You should try at least :)

Oh my...you are bold 😃