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RE: You fear some boogy-man virus and you are still chugging down Coca Cola? (Self Hep for Trolls #8)

in Threespeak3 months ago

I don't know if it's ignorance or stupidity man. people are willing to give up their human rights and forcibly take away everyone else's, but they wont take responsibility for their own health. "my right to eat mcdonalds and sit on the couch all day everyday superceeds your right not to live under a fascist technocratic regime"

Freedom = Responsibity. Humanity chooses slavery so we can be children forever.


i think its depression and self hatred lol also the total disempowerment where people feel bad stuff just happens and they have no power to control it, even when they really know, logically like that can do a whole lot.

mmm, too true. we have been conditioned to feel helpless and look for our govt/corporate overlords to protect us. a vicious spiral of giving our power away.

Be the's all you can doooooo