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RE: Battery Low, Please Re-Charge - How We Lost Out Power?

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You are onto something here. I see three problems in general:

  • People don't know where to listen to and to discern what is right and what is wrong.
    Accordingly they will pick up the message wherever they spend time. The problem it's not their message, it's the message that they heard somewhere else and often it's a message of fear or hatred...
  • They are unhappy because they believe that a kind of power is directing their lives that, as you say, they are powerless
  • We are not people anymore, we are consumers. This is not only true because we buy stuff, it's also true because we consume news, opinions and ideas. The problem here is that we are forgetting to be creators.

My suggestion for a hashtag would be something like:

#Beyourowncaptain (Be your own captain)

Meaning that you are the captain of your own life. That you define where the boat goes. You analyse your surroundings to define your path. There is land, there are icebergs, there are things that you can't influence. But you can influence the path of your ship to circumvent the obstacles. There is nobody to blame but yourself if your ship runs into trouble. You have all the merit if your ship reaches the target...

Well that sounds poetic but maybe it's a bit far fetched ;-)


We are not people anymore, we are consumers.

huh... this hurts a bit to hear... But, usually, the truth hurts the most... And, I agree with this, and would just add that we forget to be a CREATORS, but it is more that we THINK that we CAN'T be a CREATOR... It's more a thing of being powerless than forgetting... On the other side, it's a process of "erasing" things...

You don't do something because you are lazy, later you don't do it because you think that you can't (or that you have no rights), and in the end, you forget that you can...

I like the hashtag #Beyourowncaptain, and you were poetic... 🤣

Thanks for the comment!

we forget to be a CREATORS

You are totally right about that. It's as you said the other day, it's like the brain, when we don't train it, we loose some abilities. In the end we believe that we don't have these abilities anymore but they are actually just sleeping under a layer of laziness and lack of self trust.

Actually that's why I enjoy Hive so much because here I have rediscovered my creative side ;-)

Same here... I thought that I have nothing to share...

It looks that I was wrong about that... and there are a lot of people that are thinking the same BEFORE starting with content creation...

Everyone has a story to tell... ;)