My Nigerian Wedding Diary

Watching a lot of foreign movies, I always loved how two people in love could just decide to get married and do it immediately without any fuss. I particularly like those that get hooked in Vegas during a crazy weekend, I find it really thrilling you know. I've never been one to fantasize about my big day because I don't fancy being the center of attention so my dream wedding is a very simple court wedding with no party, maybe a dinner afterwards.

But you see, I'm Nigerian and Nigerians like to party, especially at weddings. A standard wedding ceremony is in three stages;

  1. Introduction
  2. Traditional marriage/ Dowry
  3. White wedding

You can choose to not do a white wedding (which is unlikely in most cases), but you must do a traditional marriage to be recognized as married. It's just what it is and you can't fight this culture as a Nigerian. It usually involves the groom fulfilling a list given to him prior to the traditional marriage ceremony. Everything in the list equates to a sum that is often overboard but can be negotiated. It's like trading the bride but they'll never call it as it is. They say it's just fulfilling tradition, I wonder if the ancestors would suddenly rise up from their graves if these marriage rites are not performed.

Anyway, @belemo and I have decided to go on with these traditional rites for the culture and to please our parents. On Saturday he came over with his fam to my family house for our INTRODUCTION, the first part of our marriage rites, you can call it Pre-wedding ceremony.



As the name implies, it's an introduction of both families to each other with a small ceremony involved. There was a presentation of drinks, kolanuts, money and some wining and dining.




I missed out on most of the show because I was asked to stay indoors and wait for whenever I was called. The spokesman from my family and two of my aunties met with me inside and were being all dramatic but I had to compose myself and answer their questions. They asked if I know my suitor who says he's come to marry me. They also asked for my permission to drink out of the drinks presented to my family. Lastly, I was asked to spell his surname to confirm I actually know him.

At this point, I was enjoying the drama, it was all theatrics and maybe for once in my life, I enjoyed being the center of attention.

I was inside for a while until I was called out and my aunties dramatically walked me into the living room raining praises on me.


I was showered some currency too, Nigerian style. My suitor and his family had to look at me carefully to confirm it was indeed me they came looking for. Yes, it was me of course 😁 I sat there next to @belemo 5 minutes tops and I was asked to go back inside. The feminist in me was screaming, why shouldn't I be there while you 'bargain my price'. But yeah, tradition 🙄

I went inside and kept myself busy on my phone while I ate with my niece.


I also had photo sessions with my friend Edith.




And then video chat with my excited friends who couldn't make it here.


By the time I was called out again, the show was over and the traditional marriage rites list had been presented to the groom. I had seen the list some days ago and it wasn't as pricey as expected and my in-laws think so too. There are funny things in it like an umbrella and a kerosene lamp. The other things are mostly outfits and drinks and money.

We took pictures with both families and friends in the end. I had fun and now I look forward to the actual traditional marriage ceremony, I hear there's a whole lot more drama involved.






And my favorite moment? Getting officially engaged with a ring and all just before the ceremony started.


Check out our matching outfits, looking like a married Nigerian couple. We even did the standard married couple pose.


I gotta give it to @belemo for not freaking out at the sight of a camera all through. It was a good day after all.




Congratulations on your engagement!

I really enjoyed reading and seeing up close the Nigerian traditions of getting married. It is really interesting.

You had me laughing talking about all of the dramatics but I think it’s so cute how excited your family is for you. Why not enjoy the attention for a once in a lifetime event?

You look absolutely gorgeous and I knew right off that you made your dress. I love that your outfits were matching and they look great! You both look really happy and I love those poses :D

I hope you share some of the ceremony with us?! I’ll be looking forward to it if you do ~ 💛

Thanks @crosheille. I'm going to loosen up and enjoy the whole show.

And yes I made my dress, thank you 😄

I know you will! 😃

Enjoy every moment ~ 😉

And thank you for the tip 😊💃🏽

You're welcome ~ 😉

Y'all totally did the whole Nigerian pose 😆 Twice

I've judged people for these poses. Now look at me

I'm judging you, dear.


I summoned all the courage within me to face the camera. Besides, how can I be tensed when I'm takin one step closer to marrying the loml.

You were really chill. I'm going to reward you

Congratulations to you guys ! You look lovely.

Well in Nigeria , the court marriage is still a necessity . We have to get married three times to show how serious we are😂. It's weird but we do it mostly to please our parents

Exactly! Are you really married if you didn't marry three times?!

Woww... So, this is not a fictional story 😮

Heheh... Who could have imagined that both of you knew each other to the extent of getting married? I was even more surprised to know that @Belemo is a Nigerian.

I'm happy for you two and l wish you a happy married life in Advance. The traditional marriage and the white wedding arena needs to be filled up with Hivers.

Don't forget to send out the invitation. Congratulations to you two

The traditional marriage and the white wedding arena needs to be filled up with Hivers.

Strictly on invitation!😄

See you at the wedding 😉

This is so lovely. I love the love and all that stuff hahaha. I found those matching outfits so adorable, you both looked great. And your ring is very cute 😍. You look very happy, I'm very happy for you. I'll wait to see how the other part of the wedding happens. Congratulations 💕💕✨✨

Thank you Laura

The feminist in me was screaming, why shouldn't I be there while you 'bargain my price'.

Forget all those bargaining stuffs. Every woman is priceless. Those are just done for formalities.

Didnt see this coming so quick but what do I even know? Congratulations to you dear. Wishing you a happy married life ahead.

Jah bless.

Thank you!

My dad made it clear I'm priceless and it's just tradition

That's cool. Glad you got that.

Congratulations both of you!

PS : I really love your dress ! did you make it yourself ?

Thank you! Yes, I made it myself

Woaaaah Congrats! And your cloths are so much cooler than western weddings! It all sounds a little stressful but fun too. Seems your family gets along well and that probably makes everything easier.

My partner and I ran away from all that stuff, we will probably get married at an embassy in a place far far away and not tell anyone.

That's my dream wedding right there but running away from it all is not an option here

Traditional Nigerian weddings sound entertaining XD

They really are. There are variations with each tribe but it's basically the same drama.

Wow!!! This is awesome. Congratulations on your engagement @wolfofnostreet and @belemo. Wishing you guys a remarkable and happy married life ahead.

Thank you

Thanks Daniky

My favorite hive couple. congrats yall...
so happy for you guys. wow!

Thanks @nonsowrites 😁

Congratulations on your introduction, you both look good together....and you are going to be a pretty bride through the 3 stages. 😄 Looking forward to the traditional marriage. 🤗💃

Thanks babe

oh my God!! the cutest couple in town, congratulations to you two



I smelled something fishing @wolfofnostreet and @belemo when I saw your first outing picture but didn't know it has gone to this extent. Wow, I am indeed wowed to see this post this late but notwithstanding I wish you guys all the best. @wolfofnostreet and @belemo, you can't even invite someone to come and chop rice at your wedding, are you afraid people like me will bring a cooler and flask to come and pack party rice?

Your dress is so beautiful dear and I knew you sowed it yourself, so just do well to send me your invitation card so that when I am coming to your wedding, I will bring my own material for you to sow before I return back to my homeland.😂😉😘

Enjoy every bit of it because it is your day. Indeed, there is a lot of fun and drama during the traditional marriage, so just make your seat belt tight and enjoy the ride.

I am so happy for you dear.

Thank you so much.

Special IV for you and my hive friends 😁