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RE: Cross Culture question : How has your hometown changed in your lifetime? How has it changed since your parents were young?

I wish we could have it all, the old mud houses and the newly renovated apartments. I hate to see the old culture die, but wish we could provide more abundance for all who want to pitch in.

"very fetish" and "animal dieties" wow! My mind is busy imagining what that was like.....very different from my upbringing! Sounds wild. What is the name of those older faiths?


It was either the old mud houses or the new development houses, one has got to give way and you'd guess that it was the new development houses that would stay because of the innovative.
As for the religious, it was dark African magic practices that involved blood sacrifices, so many cruel things that I wouldn't really be proud of. But then it's the thin fall trees, the Yellow sun and the old mud houses that I particularly missed at lot.

Wow, I don’t know much about those kinds of rituals but it’s strange how they were part of many cultures. I wonder why.

It's basically a surety in the African back in the days there were so many festish, still are even till today but then those were back in the days

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