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RE: Cross Culture question : How has your hometown changed in your lifetime? How has it changed since your parents were young?

Hahaha... I like how you said that you people have successfully removed the barbaric cultures. I'm one of those that believe that not all cultures need to be adopted so I'm always happy to see when a unreasonable ones are swept under the carpet and trampled upon

That being said, the world is evolving so the villages that used to be filled with mud house is now occupied with blockhouse and it shows that people there are growing and developing at the same time.

That issue of migration is usually caused due to the search for greener pastures although you and I would have to agree that the imbalances that it is creating is now making some areas in Nigeria to have higher cost of living than the other

Well Done ✅


Truth is, I loved the letargic appearance of the old village house back in the days and I wouldn't really trade it for anything by all means. But then sadly development must take by at all cost. Thanks for stopping by again.