What is something that fascinates or interests you about another culture or country?

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@Abundance.tribe had another cool question this week. One that I really love to participate in because I am missing travelling so much. One of the reasons which I moved back to Holland for was the ability to travel together with the hubby short trips together. Well, naturally because of Covid this isn't really happening today, but I am always thinking where I want my next big trip to go to. The question of the week is exactly the one that follows up one this

🌎🌎🌎"What is something that fascinates or interests you about another culture or country?" 🌎🌎🌎

For the answer to this question we directly go to Japan? Japan you ask, land of the rising sun? Yes indeed. Japan we are heading with this answer!


I guess the one thing about Japan which fascinates me the most is the mystery which hangs around the culture so much. I really love the fact that (the majority of) the people are so humble and that respect is such a big thing. Rituals and rites and the bowing and using two hands to meet someone and give something to someone is something that I really value a lot. Maybe this is because here in Holland the values from people are sometimes hard to be seen, and people often refer to each other with hardly acknowledging that the other person is even there.


Over the last couple of weeks I have been watching a programm from James May who was visiting Japan last year (Yes, the James May from the Top Gear programma, hilarious dude) and this is one of the things that comes back over the line. The tranquility and the rituals amongst every movement. No matter if this is around shooting a bow and arrow, or if this is with handing over a package. There is certain form of respect in these actions. I love this.

Apart from that Japan has a wildly diverse climate and I would love to see all sides of this starting from the intense fluffy snow in Hokkaido, to the ever palmy beaches in the Southern islands.


This form of respect also comes back int he quality products you can find. Sushi which has been made by a master who has been practising this for 50 years before he was even allowed to to slice a fish on top of it. The samoerai sword masters who only produce 20 swords a year making them all by hand. It is because of the art that goes in the craft, not the mass production.

I want to be able to see all of this with my own eyes. Ow Japan, you are so high on my go-to list and we will see each other one day!

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