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Hello friends of hive, I am here on the contest again. Thou I have not really been able to participate in the contest so that's why I am participating in this and I hope for the best. On today's contest I am talking about the cultural values, my values and what I believe in and why I believe in the culture and why I don't believe in others. Now to it in proper.



Culture is a way of responding to some basic needs of food, custom's, language, attitude, shelter, clothing, family organization, religion, government, and many more. Culture can also be said as a behavior, tradition, custom,norms, habits, or an act that exist amongst people or a group of people with the same belief. It can also be an idea,customs, knowledge, and values that are practiced or are laid down protocols from one generation to the next in a society. Cultural are used to solve some traditional needs with a society or a family in case of any problem. Culture has been a help in the modern days even till now it has been a guide to people and to every tribe and culture. Culture can be used to guide people so as not to go against the rules that has been in existence it's also has some rules and guide that that are enforced to the people depending on their norms and core values.



Values are strong beliefs and practices through which people follow or practice. Values can also be some things that are cherished by some people or some aspect of culture. Each culture has its particular values, traditions, and norms. values are simple beliefs, opinions, and ideals brought together by people or followed by the laid down prospectives

Cultural values are said to be our beliefs what we know to be the do's and dont's of a tribe and many more.

Values my culture entails


For my tribe which I emanate from ekiti state, it's is said in my tribe that you do not do things that are stated that you shouldn't do like eating of guinea corn, eating snakes washing at night and many more. It is also said that you do not marry some tribe which is because of their lifestyle or they way they do their stuffs differently.. In my
Culture you are expected to respect your elders by showing them signs of respect by greeting when you see them and paying homage to them.

Why I follow them?


Virtually,if you emanate from the aspect of my culture and you are a true son and daughter, you are to adhere strictly to the norms you met because it has been stated down even before I was born so you alone have little power to change what has been laid down.. Tho, all might not be real but since you have heard it, you have to follow them strictly. For me especially, I have once had an experience of it and I don't want to anymore again so I believe some of the norms attached to each culture still exist and are true.

Why I don't follow other??


To me,what you don't know has a lesser harm to do to you compared to when you know them and refuse to do them. I do not follow some norms because I belief they have no harm to do to me and I don't know about them until when I am told about it them I thinks I can follow suit because I know already.


I am using this privilege to invite some of my friends to this contest @mayorkeys @josediccus @mariajcastro28 @jhelbich @sketch.and.jam @doze @onealfa
I would love you guys to give this contest a trial.


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Hmm you're from Ekiti and I must say you guys do have some new culture I never knew of.

Washing in the night is wrong? Even without it being as a culture, washing in the night won't give you a well cleaned clothes 🤷‍♀️ except you're washing with a very bright light 😂

All the same, it's a culture and I'm glad to know that you adhere to some and not to some.

Eating snake is out of it for me whether it's in the culture or not 😂 why will I eat snake when I've not even eaten enough of other meats? 😝

Nice post, I love your header image and all other images you used, they explain a lot. And the definitions? So cool, you did a great job with your entry.

All the best in the contest.

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Wao! 😁😁 Thanks for the compliment

Ekiti people of southern Nigeria have a very rich cultural heritage. Ekiti is the only homogeneous state in Nigeria (they speak one common language).
Snakes, of course, it is traditionally wrong to eat snakes in Ekiti. They don't wash at night when it is dark.
In other parts if the Yorubaland, they don't eat rabbit, I think that's in Ondo, and elsewhere, they don't grind at night too. Like in a place called Poka, in Epe, Lagos state, it is forbidden to publicly grind pepper or any other thing when it is dark. Though people through the use of technological advancement, used their blenders to do whatever they need to do in the confines of their homes.
Thank you for this enlightening post on the culture of the Ekiti people.

Yeah thanks buddy it's true you said and about the ondo also it's actually true cus I am from ondo also my other part

An interesting post and well written and I love it. Well done.

I love your cultural values, especially the respect of elders which is what I value too as a person. Wash at night? Hehehe it good your culture does aid that. I had tried wash at night once and it was a disaster 😀.

About some cultural values you don't follow, I agree with you. What you don't know can't hurt you because you are aware of them so therefore.... You are innocent. 😆

Well done.. Wish you the best in the contest.

Ohh nice. Thanks for your time

You are right. Culture has to do with food, the way they live, what they believed in, their way and dancing and the likes.
Many cultures still follow this rule just like yours that they don't eat snack and they don't eat alligator. This is because they believed that it is their God and what they serve

Yeah bro that's true

I know the Yoruba have a culture that forbid a child from been given egg or meat with the belief that will will grow up to become a thief, I doubt if that belief still has effect now. You've rightly explained what culture and values are and have outlined reasons why you don't follow some Norms. A great post

Yeah thanks ma'am. That was the notion that was then. But it's not applicable now again

Respect is one of our cultural values that is held in high esteem in Nigeria. We are brought up this way and its a part of us so much that when a person is disrespectful to us, we notice immediately.

I understand that what you don't know won't do you harm, like ignorance is bliss, right? Unless those cultural values do not directly affect you, it may be better to be familiar with them.

Hehe, I see the values of not washing in the night, eating snakes or dogs, etc as superstitions!

Nicely written. Well done. 🙂

Wao really. Thanks. That's why I said things are not the same everywhere