A Speech I wrote for Graduating Students - English and Japanese

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The picture above is of a Daruma Doll. In Japan it used to make wishes come true. First you think of a wish, then pain one eye and decorate the doll. Once the wish is granted, you paint in the other eye, carry it to a temple and burn it. This particular Daruma Doll was in a teachers class room. His wish was that all his students pass the high school entrance test.

Interesting community here, I thought I'd share a speech I wrote for graduating junior high school students. Wanna learn some Japanese? Well, this may be a difficult start 🙃 but hey...

When you think about it, what a year to graduate right? A lot of restrictions in place and there is a possibility that not all family members will get to attend the graduation ceremony. I imagine the grandmothers and fathers having to sit this one out and watch it online.

But I always try to pivot to the positive of the situation. These students can say they graduated at a time the world changed forever. They will have a story to tell that will echo throughout history as a reminder to not take simple things for granted. But anyways, enough fluff, here is the speech I wrote for the students that will be in their year book. I wrote it in English then translated to Japanese. I also include the romaji reading of the Japanese for your reading pleasure.


The Speech in English

What a story you have to tell. You graduated when the world changed forever. The world will never be the same, but I am confident that you will thrive and have a wonderful future. Many opportunities will come your way, but you must be prepared to see them and not afraid to try. Use your samurai spirit to guide you in this world, believe in yourself and do your best always. Thank you for a wonderful year, I enjoyed teaching you English.


In Japanese


The Japanese wirtten in Romaji

Anata-tachi wa shōrai kon'na koto o hanasu koto ni narudeshou. Jibun-tachi wa sekai ga eien ni kawatta toki ni sotsugyō shimashita. Sekai wa kesshite onajide wa arimasenga, watashi wa anata-tachi ga han'ei shi, subarashī mirai o motte iru to kakushin shite imasu. Anata-tachi wa ikiteiku-chū de ōku no kikai ni deaudeshou, shikashi anata-tachi wa sorera o mikiwameru junbi ga dekite inakereba narimasen. Soshite chōsen suru koto o osorenaide kudasai. Samurai no seishin o motte kono sekai de jibun jishin o michibiki, jibun o shinji, tsuneni saizen o tsukushite kudasai. Subarashī ichinen o arigatō, watashi wa anata ni eigo o oshie rarete tanoshikattadesu.

Have any relatives graduating this year? How do you feel about their big day taking place in these Covid times?

Do you wanna see more content like this? If so let me know in the comments below.


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This is a very motivational write-up and I believe that anyone that is leaving the four walls of a university really needs to prepare very well because we are living in a world that seems to be unfolding a lot of unusual things but we can't allow ourselves to be victimized by any of the unconventional things.

I really hope that every graduating students and all those that have already graduated would be able to see a place that they can work while being paid well and also enjoying the work that they do

Thanks man! Appreciate your comment. Indeed, the graduating classes in these time have a lot of figuring out to do. But the good thing is the technology is here to give them a reach unimaginable just a few years ago.

Hopefully many of them will discover the benefits of blockchain tech!


Thanks for joining us! glad to have more Japanese speakers here. I'm a reggaejahm holder :-P

HAHAH, my Japanese used to be good , but then I stopped reading and had no reason to write, time to get back on the train.

Nice man, keep it Jahmin, slow progress, but we getting there😅


Not super familiar with so much Reggae but one day I'm gonna dive deep into Dub cause so much cool vibes I love. I just wanna support the project for now :-)