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This is @romeskie. Welcome to the Crossculture's Weekly digest where we bring you up to date with some amazing posts from members across communities of different cultures, focusing on but not limited to bilingual posts.

The Cross culture community, was created by @whatamidoing. It is a community which supports authors who write articles that share the realities of different cultures first hand, as well as our different perspectives and experiences. We look for ways in which cultures can become crisscrossed and enlightening while moving beyond stereotypes associated with certain culture.

The authors whose articles have been chosen for this week are all writing content of high quality, which focus on the Various topics:

All bilingual posts, posts in regional communities or tags, posts related to language or culture or posts in our cross culture community are eligible

Cross culture's weekly bulletin aims to bring to light all authors whose articles would otherwise remain unnoticed and lost in the platform, therefore we tend to reward all authors who create quality posts, giving them a fair chance to establish themselves on the platform.
Howbeit, that's only the half of it!!!
After careful selections, our curators which come from diverse cultures will single out the most outstanding articles among all those curated to create a weekly shout out to the authors of the Top posts of the week.
Therefore, here are this week's awesome authors and their posts.

"The Grandiose Falls of Jasaan, Misamis Oriental" by @uwanderer


One of the best features of the Sagpulon Falls is its rock formation and huge swimming lagoon with a depth of 16-18 feet deep depending if rainy season of dry season.

(Esp/Eng) Concurso Comunitario Damas de la Colmena #23 / Ladies of Hive Community Contest #23 by @katleya


Years ago for work reasons I was in Greece. There I enjoyed a wonderful and unforgettable week, perhaps because of the experiences I had in that country. There I visited museums, ate the typical food, strolled through its streets, some of them bordering the sea; I attended cultural events, witnessed the religious services in their churches

Flores de papel para centros de mesa 🌼 Paper flowers for centerpieces by @carfelicia


as always with a cordial greeting. I made some paper flowers (daisies) 🌼 for some centerpieces for my daughter's 15 years, I learned them to make from a neighbor and here I show you how.

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