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Welcome to the Crossculture's Weekly digest where we bring you up to date with some amazing posts from members across communities of different cultures, focusing on but not limited to bilingual posts.

The Cross culture community, was created by @whatamidoing. It is a community which supports authors who write articles that share the realities of different cultures first hand, as well as our different perspectives and experiences. We look for ways in which cultures can become crisscrossed and enlightening while moving beyond stereotypes associated with certain culture.

The authors whose articles have been chosen for this week are all writing content of high quality, which focus on the Various topics:

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After careful selections, our curators which come from diverse cultures will single out the most outstanding articles among all those curated to create a weekly shout out to the authors of the Top posts of the week.
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The game is the first and the main activity by which we communicate with others, we observe and explore the reality that surrounds us, we establish relationships with objects,Popularly, the game is identified with fun, but its importance is much greater, playing they develop their physical aptitudes, their emotional intelligence, their creativity, their imagination, their intellectual capacity, their social abilities. 🧵🎠🎡🛒🧤👛

Fortunately, the Vasa still sank in the Baltic Sea by @katrin-lux


Hey guys,
today I continue with my travel - series about Stockholm, and I wanna show you the Vasa- Musem. The Vasa Museum is named after the Vasa, it was the most magnificent and expensive warship of the Swedish Navy. It is also so famous because it sank on its maiden voyage.

[ESP/ENGL] Cinco sabios refranes venezolanos (Décima Tercera Parte) // Five wise Venezuelan sayings (Thirteenth Part) By @sirenahippie


Hello everyone! We are close to Easter, a season so special and full of traditions, so I wanted to take advantage of the moment and bring you the Thirteenth part of my series "Five wise Venezuelan sayings", which is made up of five of the most common sayings in my country, Venezuela; those that I extract from the book "Sayings that are heard and said in Venezuela", whose author is Santos Erminy Arismendi, a book published by Cadena Capriles in 2006, which was inserted for free in the newspaper "Últimas Noticias". The analysis and comments are 100% my authorship. At the end of this post are the links that will take you to the first 12 installments, in case you want to read them.

Mi presentación en Hive / My introduction to Hive by @helyorsini


Here I introduce myself:
My name is Hely Yolanda Orsini Gavidia, caraqueña and singer by profession.
My parents, Carmen Cecilia Gavidia de Orsini, better known as Malú del Carmen, born in the State of Miranda, was an actress in radio soap operas, theater, movies and TV and Humberto Orsini Aguirre, born in the State of Anzoátegui, was a playwright, teacher, National Theater Award, among many others.

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This is super !, good to see a healing of this Hivecrossculture! community and thank you very much for your attention @ceparl . I love seeing my post recognized, knowing that my effort to compile drops of wisdom from my people is something valued by others. A big hug.

Thank you very much for your support! I still have to understand several functions, but little by little and with the help that you have been giving me, I will understand more and more how the activity works in this community.