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Hello beautiful people!

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Welcome to the Crossculture's Weekly digest where we bring you up to date with some amazing posts from members across communities of different cultures, focusing on but not limited to bilingual posts.

The Cross culture community, was created by @whatamidoing. It is a community which supports authors who write articles that share the realities of different cultures first hand, as well as our different perspectives and experiences. We look for ways in which cultures can become crisscrossed and enlightening while moving beyond stereotypes associated with certain culture.

The authors whose articles have been chosen for this week are all writing content of high quality, which focus on the Various topics:

All bilingual posts, posts in regional communities or tags, posts related to language or culture or posts in our cross culture community are eligible

Cross culture's weekly bulletin aims to bring to light all authors whose articles would otherwise remain unnoticed and lost in the platform, therefore we tend to reward all authors who create quality posts, giving them a fair chance to establish themselves on the platform.
Howbeit, that's only the half of it!!!
After careful selections, our curators which come from diverse cultures will single out the most outstanding articles among all those curated to create a weekly shout out to the authors of the Top posts of the week.
Therefore, here are this week's awesome authors and their posts.

A Glimpse of how Deeper Life Bible Church, Ikot Ekpene, Akwa Ibom State. by @evegrace


I realized that this is the best place to share with us the first time I experiencing a white wedding conducted by Deeper Life Bible Church, Ikot Ekpene.
It was an awesome experience as I always thought that all churches or white weddings conducted by churches are the same except for their doctrine but then, I realized yesterday that not all are the same.
Yesterday, I was opportune to experience the joyous moment of this beautiful person who was once friends for a while now become a couple (husband and wife).

My experience with a Pemon tribe // Mi experiencia con una tribu Pemona by @tibaire


Hello #Hivecrossculture! Community. A few years ago I had the opportunity to travel to an indigenous settlement called Kavac, located in the Southwest of the AuyanTepuy and meet a Pemona family. The Pemones are an indigenous people who inhabit the Southeast of Venezuela, specifically they live in the State of Bolivar, occupying the territories known as the Gran Sabana and the Jungle where the Canaima National Park is located, they live on the borders of Venezuela with Guyana and Brazil.

Welcoming the month of Ramadan By @elianaelisma


Starting on Tuesday, April 13, 2021, we Muslims in Aceh will start fasting in the month of Ramadan. Fasting in the month of Ramadan is an obligation for every Muslim who has reached maturity or is old enough.
I am grateful for the grace given by Allah SWT because I am still given the age to fast in this month of Ramadan .
Fasting is very beneficial for our health, because during fasting our bodies experience the elimination of toxins from our bodies and the digestive organs in the human body can take a short break after eleven months of never resting.

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Life is built in an ecosystem that ensures the survival of all entities by an exchanging of energy. We have brought you highlights of this weeks excitement and we implore that you check out these creative sources and engage them positively.

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Cross Culture Questions is a chance to get to know more about each other’s culture and dive into the deep topic that is culture, whether it be the culture of a country, a minority, a sub-culture or any collection of people. Hive across Culture is a community for discussing any aspect of any culture, cultural analysis, culture shock, comparison, or any aspects of a culture or country or language. All bilingual posts are welcome too.

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