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Welcome to the Crossculture's Weekly digest where we bring you up to date with some amazing posts from members across communities of different cultures, focusing on but not limited to bilingual posts.

The Cross culture community, was created by @whatamidoing. It is a community which supports authors who write articles that share the realities of different cultures first hand, as well as our different perspectives and experiences. We look for ways in which cultures can become crisscrossed and enlightening while moving beyond stereotypes associated with certain culture.

The authors whose articles have been chosen for this week are all writing content of high quality, which focus on the Various topics:

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Cross culture's weekly bulletin aims to bring to light all authors whose articles would otherwise remain unnoticed and lost in the platform, therefore we tend to reward all authors who create quality posts, giving them a fair chance to establish themselves on the platform.
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After careful selections, our curators which come from diverse cultures will single out the most outstanding articles among all those curated to create a weekly shout out to the authors of the Top posts of the week.
Therefore, here are this week's awesome authors and their posts.

Taiwanese temples: Where a stupid barbarian lifts of a corner of god by @koenau


Everyone knows the problem. One believes this, the other that, and forever people can't agree on what is right now. This God or that one? That belief or this one? If you have read my travel reports from Taiwan, you should have noticed that this country at the end of the world - seen from Europe, or at the beginning, seen from North America - works quite differently in many respects. The Taiwanese have a little problem with the names of things, some visitors have a problem with their favorite food...Bold**

I visited for short time but my sister will stay there forever. by @shadonchandra


Community Hall & Party Center are introduced by our urban civilization. Now a day's we are celebrating our birthday party in any party center. Community Hall & Party Center are very useful to the people of the urban city because they can't afford such kind of big space for arranging a party in their city house. But the formality of Community Hall & Party Center reduced the enjoyment of any occasion.

My Plant Of The Week Fifth Edition - A Ti For Two Or Three Or Four By @mildredwg


My name is Mildred Reinoso Tahan, I'm 26 years old, my birthday is 06/15/94, I'm from the Gemini sign
I am going to tell you a little about where I am from, I was born in Venezuela, my father William Reinoso, a teaching profession and a lawyer, married my mother Naima Tahan, a teacher currently retired and of Arab descent, who has been married for 36 years, we are a family very united where we have always liked to travel and spend quality time with our loved ones.

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