Query the Blockchain for Delegators (Tool Upgrade) - 查询steem帐号代理的工具

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I have implemented a new tool to query the blockchain for delegators.

It integrates with SteemSQL so that you can pick either way to query the blockchain.

  1. If you choose Query via SQL it will ask for steemsql to get the list of delegators . However, the server may not be available.
  2. If you choose Search the Blockchain, it will use SteemJS to query the blockchain. Generally available, but very slow especially if the account has lots of the records - which need to be scanned completely.

------------------------ Chinese Version----------------------------------
steemsql 经常不好用,所以就给该工具加入了 steemjs 版本

当然,还是可以保留用 steemsql 的方式来查询,如果能用的话。

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最近 steemsql数据库挂了,晚上我重新写一个。



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Can this tool surport trail vote? Question from discord

You mean this one ? https://steemyy.com/trail/

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