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RE: 新手村两周年纪念 X 全球社区庆祝Steem四周年活动(目前累计557.525 STEEM奖金)

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Good luck with the contest! FOUR YEARS STEEM! 👏


Thank you! It's our team-cn two years anniversary as well .

한국에서 온 친구들 생일 축하해 😘

Thank you. btw, we are Chinese :D

Howww wait I should have known that! Sorry, I love you too though
來自中國的周年快樂朋友!!! 😘

Thank you my friend~ Just voted for you. Will be great to see woman witness in the top of the list!

You are welcome! I reach my hand to everyone in the world to help each other. Together we can make Steemit and Steem a home for anyone. Diversification and gender equality in the world is where I am after, so yes it would be a big thing for women around the world if we can reach the top too! Time will tell and I pray for everyone.
Thank you for being a part of this!

Let's word together and bring the communities around the world together!