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This collection is a part of the Solar Art Archive a public domain collection of art and materials designed to be reused and remixed in work however the artist sees fit. See more of our collections in the Beyond Copyright community here on the HIVE blockchain or explore our entire collection on the LBRY file sharing platform.

A few things to note:

  • This set is Public Domain (use without restrictions)
  • Full Resolution files are available (check links below the image)
  • If available, further artist information in the links

Taxonomy: Bugs

From wikipedia: Taxonomy is the practice and science of classification of things or concepts, including the principles that underlie such classification.

This is a collection of illustrations and photographs of bugs. While many of these are missing the full taxonomy (names, etc), most of these images came from this practice of identification and resulted in some images which are wonderful to look at, use for reference, or to include as a part of other work!

Use these images

The great thing about work in the public domain that is free from the shackles of Copyright. Reuse of materials can be a beautiful way to bring new life to this work

If you end up using any of these materials in a derivative art work please consider posting it to the Beyond Copyright community. If you use it as some illustrative material for an article or blog post, leave a comment below! We love to see how you use these files.

We like to credit when we can!

In most cases artist information, and more of a description of the piece can be found in the LBRY entry for each file. Right now the Solar Art Archive is a passion project which takes a lot of time to search for, collect, cite and then present these materials. We are still improving our methods so some of our earlier entries (like a lot of the images in this particular set) might not have artist information, or in some cases no artist information is available to be found (this can be true of really old materials). If you would like help finding more information about an image, leave a comment below or try using a reverse image search.

Full Resolution files available

For a high-quality full-resolution files click the link below any particular image.
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