Inktober day 5-7 - Blade, Rodent, Fancy

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Story continues


Rachel continued doing what she always did. Chopped, stirred, baked, cleaned. Chopped, stirred, baked, cleaned. Chopped, stirred, baked, cleaned. Chopped, stirred, baked, cleaned. On and on. Carrots to doughnuts. Mushrooms to doughnuts. Apples to doughnuts.


Fondly she reminisced her time with the little girl. The time when making a dinner was simple. You just took it from the ground, tree or bush and ate. No chopping, no baking, no cleaning.

The slamming door interrupted her lonely and sad thoughts. Rachel turned to greet her new customers.


"Hello there! I am Crab King of all the king crabs! How are you today!"

To be continued...

Where did it all start?
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I've fallen behind so much with my drawings. But that's okay because I'm also a crappy drawer so that balances things nicely. But did these anyway. Here's me hoping that with every single drawing, every single stroke I get better at this.

Using liquid ink and an ink pen that has to be dipped still makes things pretty interesting because there's constantly the chance that the dip pen bleeds. But I don't mind, that's fixable in photoshop if I want to fix it. Sometimes I don't. Because it's the crappy sketch that isn't. Fixable. And the bleeding ink is just a minor hiccup.

I tried a really thin pen tip with the picture where Rachel is reminiscing her time with the girl. The line truly was thin but as you can see, the tip bled often. Also it scratched the paper.

But hey, good news everyone! I have more drawings ready, I only have to invent the stories and publish everything. And that's the easiest part.

So, tomorrow again! Catching up with inktober.



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