Latex bracelets. / Pulseras de látex.

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Greetings friends of the creative community.


It's rubber or latex, an organic material that comes from a plant, from its sap. Latex is processed to become rubber. From there are obtained the products that are used daily at home, in products for aesthetics or to make art.

Today I want to comment that some years ago, I was making latex bracelets, in order to create different shapes with colors to wear on my wrist.

I learned how to position these circles of latex material so that they fit into the plastic needles and make links that form rings on each other. So I got to make these bracelets. With various colors and various shapes.



These are the needles. They are small in size, but practical for weaving. One of these needles comes in a small package with latex garters.


Garters are these little, single-colored circles for each pack. To make the bracelets you have to buy several packages to get a variety of the bracelet you want to make.



I did many. It really is something that allows you to clear your mind. By being busy placing these rings one by one, intertwining each with the next, in order. Allow yourself to move away from all thoughts other than the creation that is being formed.

In this week's @ heartbeat1515 contest, his topic is about rubber. I hope this publication meets your requirements.

Thank you for your comments and votes.

God always blesses us.

All photos are my property. With my Samsung mini s3 phone.

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I am @gertu. From Venezuela to the world of Steemit.

Saludos amigos de la comunidad creativa.

El látex:

Es el caucho o látex, material orgánico que proviene de una planta, de su savia. Es procesado el látex para convertirse en goma. De allí se obtienen los productos que se usan a diario en el hogar, en productos para la estética o para elaborar arte.

Hoy quiero comentar que hace algunos años, estuve haciendo pulseras de látex, con fines de crear diferentes formas con colores para usar en la muñeca.

Aprendí como colocar estos círculos de material de látex, de forma que encajen en las agujas de plástico y hacer unas enlaces que formen anillos unos en otros. Así conseguí hacer estas pulseras. De varios colores y de varias formas.



Estas son las agujas. Son de pequeño tamaño, pero prácticas para realizar el tejido. Viene una aguja de estas en un pequeño paquete con las ligas de látex.


Las ligas son estos pequeños círculos de un solo color por cada paquete. Para hacer las pulseras hay que comprar varios paquetes para obtener variedad de la pulsera que se quiera hacer.



Hice muchas. Realmente es algo que permite liberar la mente. Al estar ocupado colocando uno a uno estos anillos, entrelazando cada uno con el siguiente, en un orden. Permite que te alejes de todo pensamiento que no sea la creación que se esta formando.



En el concurso que aloja @heartbeat1515, de esta semana su tema es sobre el caucho. Espero esta publicación cumpla con sus requerimientos.

Gracias por sus comentarios y votos.

Dios nos bendice siempre.

Todas las fotos son de mi propiedad. Con mi teléfono Samsung mini s3.

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Soy @gertu. Desde Venezuela para el mundo de Steemit.


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It fit the theme perfectly @gertu. It's nice to see that this type of rubber help to calm your mind. I've seen this sold a lot few years too. I have the intention to try but it happened during my end of pregnancy and maternity leave so after that I forgot about it until today. It's good to see that again.

Yes, it was very fashionable here to make these bracelets. A few years ago. I remembered when you brought up the topic for your contest. I thought and remembered my bracelets.

I'm glad this contest bring back some good memories for you. I guess many contests really do that a lots. @wakeupkitty looking back/looking forward contest this time also brought back some of my old memories.

I remembered that every little girl at that time felt like a princess, making themselves beautiful with those rubber accessories. Some even use them to make friendship bracelets. Thank you for joining in.

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Thanks @artturtle.

They look so colourful and cheerful! I had them when I was younger. They were a trend back then and we will pass them around like friendship bracelets. Some even sold them 'illegally' as teachers don't allow that. This reminds me of all those sweet memories.

I wonder how much younger you were or when "back then" exactly was. We still have them. 💕

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Yes. It is a happy memory for me too. For people who cause allergies, I think the memory will be different. Thank you for your visit, I appreciate it.

I doubt it's rubber at all. I think it's fake, plastic. We have a high heap of them too.
😂🤣 It was a hype and after many bought it like idiots they gave up on it.

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Thank you for the message. 💕

Wow, you have a lot more than me. It was a boom. Everyone bought these gums and then came the problem that latex allergy sufferers developed contact dermatitis. They put on their cute bracelets and end up with amazing skin lesions. Done, the end of the boom. @wakeupkitty.

Hola mi querida Gertu . Que lindas quedaron esas pulseras por aqui por mi zona tambien se puso muy poopular. Saludooos

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