Italian romantic songwriter happy to be here

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I'm Lorenzo
I try everyday to compose a new song,it's more than 30 years I'm playing music, almost 20 I compose songs.

Music is my life

Take a look, almost original songs

I'd be glad to invite you to one if my concert, you can even use your Hive to join one of my concert

I live close to Geneva, you only need to send me a message here on Hive and I'll join your place to play my original italian music.
You could even pay with your Hive

My rates:

-) 1000 Hive for a solo house concert at your place in Geneva plus 50 for each auditor, plus 100 Hive for each 10 km far from Geneva. At least 90 minutes concert.
-) 3000 Hive for a duo concert with a percussionist
-) 10000 Hive with bass and drum

I was invited by



What is genre of this song? Lorenzo

It depends on which one. Usually it is italian romantic, but I composed a few rock, metal, disco or edm

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Hello Lorenzo,

Thanks for sharing your music on Hive and in our community!! I really enjoyed your music, particularly the first one, and I think I understood a few words ha ha! A beautiful language for song!

I see you are using Youtube, and because of this you are able to share these videos on our music map if you wish! If you want to do this, just go to and double click the are they were recorded, then paste the links and choose the genre, etc.

You can also post to Hive just clicking a button on cXc Music.

  • Douglas from cXc Music

P.S. Here's a look at the map!
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