Shadows marking the day

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I think it could be fun but I am not in the mood to join the Shadow Photo Contest-Round 105 Win SBI and ESTM after a day and night filled with pain, the struggle at 4 am, filling buckets and my kid calling me it had an accident and felt miserable (other way pronounced in Dutch and it isn't a word children use).

It already walked back home and I got dresses, made some tea, scratched ice from the car's windows (not the windscreen) to drive it to the library.
I don't know if I have the tools but the bike can be fixed. Things can although it will never be new again. It's harder to fix people, humans. Shadows will chase them no matter where they go, are or what age.

I couldn't finish watching "The haunting of Hill house" (Netflix series) but I will today. The dishes are done, the buckets filled, the wolves fed, I prepared dinner, cleaned the woodstove, swept the floor, drank tea in between and the washing machine is nearly ready and it is only 9 am. Time to make the bed and have a look at the bike.

Enjoy your weekend.

I love this lamp but it never burns since there's no electricity."

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Thank you so much @davidke20. 💕

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Ok, upvoted and resteemed your post to thousand followers.. Thank you so much to approve @puncakbukit as witness and curator.

Thank you very much. Good luck and a great weekend to you. 💕

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Que malo que pasaste noche con dolor. Y lo del accidente con la bici... es terrible para el chico. Me gustan tus sombras. @wakeupkitty.

Gracias por tu amable comentario. Veré cómo solucionarlo. Dicen: un accidente nunca llega solo. Espero que no sea cierto. Abrazos. 💕

Thank you for your kind comment. I will see how to fix it. They say: An accident never comes on its own. I hope that is not true. Hugs. 💕

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Nice shadow of the lamp. I’m glad your child wasn’t hurt in the accident.

I hope you week ahead is better @wakeupkitty.

@redheadpei The kid is mainly shocked and upset because of the bike. The bike is repaired and the youngest, who's bike it is, doesn't care and tested it so it all worked out fine.

I love that lampp. At times the shadow is there 🤔

I wish you a great week as well. 💕

Beautiful lamp and Shadow! Hope today is a great day for you. ❤️

@melinda010100 Thank you for your kind comment. We had hail outside and I had an easy day inside. It was a good one for sure. Thanks for your good wishes. 💕