Shadow Hunters Contest - Round 129 : colours fly away

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This is a very unique photography contest that is about capturing Shadow. We like to capture by our camera to the object, but in this contest you have to capture the shadow of the object from different angles and this is the main feature and distinction of this contest. You may also participate with this contest through the following link: Shadow Hunters Contest- Round 128 Win Hive-Sbi, 100 Ecency Points, UFM tokens and Re-hives!

Every object has an own colour. When we get it in a shadow, it misses the colour. Where the colour goes? I think that colours fly away with sunshine and with the air.


It is a monochromic view of the object and it shows us that it can hide its colours in Shadow.. That has no colour, no certain shape and no 3 dimensional existence.

Life is like also the shadow. you have a lot of colours in your life and life is really colourful. but sometimes we hide our colours, our inner feelings and our expressions.

We just like to represent ourselves as a colourless or emotionless person to others.

We hold it and it gives us a totally different view and misinterpretation to others.


I am sure you have a beautiful shadow photo there, except that the full photo may not be showing up on my end. Is it just my device?
Have a great day, @tasri, take care.

Great shadow photo and interesting thoughts about shadows! Thanks for entering

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