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RE: A "Tree of Life" for Shadow Hunters Contest - Round 130

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Indeed, and I recall my dad quoting Thomas Jefferson several times to my brothers after 9-11.

I agree. Every year the SGS should put out one for the entire blockchain. It also provides continued value to the three other previous silver rounds. I really appreciate the time and effort it takes for those involved (especially those who may have to finance the project upfront if at all required, or purchasing so many rounds to ensure that minimums are met.) Sometimes projects like this one are a thankless job and require the dedication, commitment, and leadership of one member. That is why I am very appreciative of several individuals in this community... like @raybrockman and @welshstacker and others in the background of the previous 3 years.
Yeah, I noticed that you and mrs @silvertop always stay up late! Busy, busy!!
Have a Blessed Sunday, my friend @silvertop, and take care 🥰🌺🤙


I remember the post @raybrockman put out where all the SSG orders were spaced out on his dining room table. I can only the amount of work involved in a SSG silver round!🙄
I am hopeful @silversaver888......I would love to add one to the stack!🤗
Have a good evening my friend!!😍😍😀