Shadow Hunters Contest Round 167- Chasing Shadows Around Baguio City

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Good Day Guys

Let me share with you guys my adventure in shadow hunting around the city that I live in.

Today, was the last day of work and after timing in the sun was shining brightly and I decided to take a photo of the shadows that the windows were showing. Me and my colleague had to treat 7 patients in the whole day.


It was finally 4 o clock and we all went home. I was walking to Kisad Road to meet my mom and sister. I decided to pass by Session Road. While I was walking I noticed that there were policewomen hiding by the shadows of the tall building. This would have been more epic if they stepped forward under the sun. But it was hot during that day so I understand why they were sheltering themselves from the heat.

This will always be the busiest crosswalk here in Baguio. This is located in the middle of Session road.

After going to that crosswalk I continued walking down, I thought that I would see great shadows from the chainlink fence but you could barely see the shadows that it was producing. Due to the pavement.
I just love looking at the shadows that other people produce.
From this angle, you can see the shadows that the trees were producing. I'm really thankful that we still have big trees to provide shade for all of us while we walk around our city.
I decided to pass by Burnham park and to get to the main park, I decided to pass by Melvin Jones which is this field. The sun was really scorching while I was walking and I couldn't wait to go to the end of the field because that's where all the shade was.
I finally reached the end, I noticed that there were also people staying in the shade that the trees were producing.
This is Lake Drive, I just love walking around her because you can actually appreciate nature. There are still a lot of trees that are still alive providing great shadows. I hope that our City will be able to preserve these features of having trees around.

While I was walking around the park, I continued taking photos of the shadows that the trees are making. People just love staying there. This is why trees are really important in this world. Not only does it make our world more beautiful but it provides shade and shelter.

I was walking around the lake and I noticed that the people on the boat were going to the edge. I'm really not sure why they were doing it but they were just laughing and laughing.
I really can't imagine my walk if there were no objects that would produce shadows blocking the sun's rays to create a shade. Everything must be so bright here if that ever happens.
People also go to this park to walk their pets. If you look closely the people in front have some dogs leashed.
There are also people who come here to bond with their family and have fun.
I just love my walks here in Burnham park because it's really rejuvenating to see a lot of trees, plants, and flowers. It's also nice to see a lot of people enjoying themselves despite the pandemic.

I was finally able to reach my destination. The shadows that the railings were producing just looked nice to look at. Anyway, I hope that you guys are enjoying your weekend!

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

The photos used in this post are owned by me .




What a beautiful park. I can see why you appreciate the shade from all those lovely trees. This is a delightful post for the Shadow Contest! I really enjoyed all of it!

Thank you so much! This is the most accessible park that I can go to. I really appreciate all your commpliments. Thank you so much for all your support. May your community grow larger! Stay safe!

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Thank you so much!

Congrats! Great collection of shadows, wish you luck in the contest! 😎 👍

how are you dear friend @ seckorama good afternoon
Today I have seen many comments from you, apparently you feel a little better.
have a beautiful night


Hello, @jlufer! Well, I'm using @ecency mobile app more often than usual because, I still can’t move and lie in bed and because it’s easier to just comment than to write posts on a mobile app. 😎

Thank you so much for all your compliments! Stay safe always! and May you have a wonderful day!

You're welcome! 😎 🍺