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This is my entry to the round 166 of #shadowhunters contest.

round #166

--a nice rounded figure, I like it. seems somehow I missed to post on the previous week...


location: St.Petersburg, Russia April 2021 natural light
camera/lens: Canon 5D 16-35mm raw-conv
f/2.8 t 1/8000 ISO 400 --

Thats my fresh photo from last week. I ventured to explore to local area after my working day finished, and discovered a few nice spots, including a sport facility all covered with graffity ... but it was all in the shade, hehe -- sometimes the shade become too big too see, when you close to it, you dont see it at all. So, I have to return there and choose the right time to have a good lighting that benefit for the capture.

But with this picture, I happened to find myself absolutely in a right time in a right place -- to capture this wonderfull shadow.


This is the 1st photo in the set. When I was at the crossroad I momentary understood that I have something, have it here: my potential best photo of the day. I come closer, changed a few angles, vertical and horisontal positions... All in all, I took 13 pictures. Maybe they mostly the same, but some I like a bit more then others.

Thanks for stopping by!


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 52 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Great shadow photos! The tree shadow is wonderful, so is the fence shadow! Thanks for entering the Shadow Contest again!

no problem, I am fine thanks. A !BEER back.

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wow. SWEET !!!!!!! thankie !!

You're welcome @qwerrie, that's a pleasure to count you as a member for so long! Hope to see you many more years here 😊🌹👍

why not? at least until Russia is connected to the world wide web, and we have electricity... and money to pay for the bills -- I am here

Hi, great entry. I love the reflection effect of the tree and its dry branches on the wall of the building. They looked to me like shadowy hands on the wall. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photographs of great quality and nice tone. A super hug from here! @qwerrie